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CONTENTS Poems Charles Simic Golden Oldies 7 Early Light 7 The Palace 8 On the Way to the Beach 8 Richard Scott Still Life with Rose 9 Still Life with Three Roses 10 Still Life with Snail, Oyster,

Spoon and Shallot Vinegar 11 Still Life with Apple, Ceramic

Mary Jean Chan

Dish of Apples and a Pomegranate 12

postscript 14

John McCullough Watermelon Man 15 Susannah Dickey You know that riddle about a river crossing 16 You know that riddle (reopening) 19 Meredi Ortega Very important Deer 21 Will Harris Voice Notes 22 South London Mum 24 Kandace Siobhan Walker I Wonder How I’ll Sleep at Night 25 Dominic Leonard Oh no! 26 Clare Pollard Inana 28 Joe Carrick-Varty Factual Pain Music Viewed from the

Round Window of a Submarine 30

Liz Berry

Eliza 31 A Girl 32 Darling Foal 32 Trembling Aspen 33 Emma Jeremy the horse could die 34 Helen Quah Selfie 35 Tall 36 [Goodmayes, Sainsbury’s car park] 37 Matthew Haigh All day I dwell on it 38 Tim Liardet Lab Sample 5: Quehonavir, Serum Drug... 39 Fourteen Ways of Reading the Messages

Sent from a Spot Marked in Yellow 40

Simon Costello f rom Folk Horror 42 Shannon Smith-Meekings Reason why I’ve stopped holding hands 43

If asked to write an elegy – 44 Gyalist 46 Some Mornings 47 If I told you the body dies before the mind – 48

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