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Tomaž Šalamun/ The Death of Frank O’Hara 49 Brian Henry Checkered Christ 51 CAConrad Three poems from Listen to the

Golden Boomerang 52

Oluwaseun Olayiwola re: God 55

Cleanness 56

Jenny George Orpheus in Spring 57 Anniversary 57 Carrier Bag 58 Peter Thickett Longiflorum 59 Sewer Exegesis 60 Annie Fan Sad Girl Poem 61 Fahad Al-Amoudi Bet 62 Fiona Benson Exorcism: I’ll give you something ... 63 Exorcism: Get a Grip 64 Exorcism: Wild Horses 65 Danez Smith The Slap 66 Nine Means No in German 68

Essay Helen Charman On Bernadette Mayer 69

Gallery Barry Anthony Finan 74

Dialogue Mona Kareem Waiting for Language 78 and Sara Elkamel

Essay Declan Ryan Re-reading Douglas Dunn 83 A Mutual Agitation Gboyega Odubanjo and Don Paterson 88 Reviews Kate Simpson on Jorie Graham, Stephen Watts and Brenda Shaughnessy 106 Kit Fan on Victoria Adukwei Bulley, Mark Pajak and Philip Gross 112 alice hiller on Paul Tran and Chen Chen 117 Joanna Lee on Bryony Littefair and Ramona Herdman 121 Lucy Mercer on Safiya Kamaria Kinshasa and Kirsten Irving 125 Joey Connolly on Mark Dickinson and Zoë Skoulding 130 Zakia Carpenter-Hall on Anthony Anaxagorou and Zaffar Kunial 134 The National Poetry Competition 2022 139

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