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Volume 54 Number 3 | MAY/JUNE 2023


Illuminating Sino-African Maritime Exchanges Through Archaeological Finds of Chinese Ceramics in Africa Bing Zhao


Imported Ceramics and the Swahili Culture of the Coast of Kenya Clifford Pereira

Lintel fragment with Indra on his three-headed elephant Likely Cambodia; second half of the 10th century Buff sandstone; 57.15 × 41.28 × 11.43 cm Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Purchase: William Rockhill Nelson Trust (49-20) Photo © Nelson-Atkins Media Services


Chinese Ceramic Consumption in Medieval Ethiopia: An Archaeological Perspective Hannah Parsons-Morgan


The Vohemar Necropolis, Madagascar, and the Regional Distribution of Chinese Ceramics in the Swahili World (13th–17th century) Bing Zhao

Publisher and Editor Yifawn Lee Copyeditors Kelly Flynn, Deanna Lee Editorial Assistant Kexin Ma, Juliet te Bax ter (intern) Designer Fred Young Subscriptions and Circulation Joanna Wong


Espadarte (1558): Evidence of Early Portuguese Trade in Porcelain via Africa Teresa Canepa and Beth Gardiner


Chinese Trade in the Red Sea: Two Shipwrecks with Yuan Blue-and-White Porcelains Roberto Gardellin

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