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Contents Can the information war be won?

46 Disinformation can be tackled

7 How effective is Russia’s information war? Keir Giles It has been almost a decade since Russia’s information operations became widely recognised as a means by which Moscow can reach out to influence western democracies. And throughout almost all of that period, one question that has consistently been raised is whether or not these information operations work.

through everyday habits A conversation with Agnieszka Legucka “After Brexit, when Russia star ted to influence internal state affairs like the US elections or protests in Catalonia, the EU understood that Russia is a long-term threat to internal processes inside the EU.”


50 Nagorno-Karabakh. No clear

13 Can we win the information war?

A conversation with Mattia Caniglia, Roman Osadchuk and Ruslan Trad “From what we have seen with Russia’s actions and approaches, it seems that they perceive the information space as an element of war. And this does not just mean Ukraine.”

path out of the crisis An interview with Thomas de Waal “There is a lot of geopolitical bargaining, but it is largely about the position of Armenia and Azerbaijan in the region and their relations with each other. I guess this is one conflict where the local is still more important than the geopolitical.”

23 How Ukraine breaks Russia’s weaponised propaganda and disinformation Vladyslav Faraponov Ukraine’s fight against Russian aggression continues to make headlines around the world. However, what has not been discussed to any great extent is the fight against disinformation and collaborators on the home front.

28 Hostile narratives towards Ukraine in Central and Eastern Europe Adam Lelonek

35 The constant struggle of building resilience. The case of Czechia Pavel Havlíček

40 Russian propaganda in Poland in the context of parliamentary elections Michał Marek De facto pro-Russian communities are clearly consolidating in the context of the upcoming Polish parliamentary elections.

Essays and Analysis

57 The West’s rude awakening.

Lessons after the first year of war Wojciech Michnik The crucial factor in Russia’s war against Ukraine is how to help Kyiv defend itself and win?

67 Iran and Russia.

Two pretty best friends Raze Baziani

74 From demilitarisation to “satanisation” Wojciech Siegień Putinism has been built as a model of the Russian state envisioned for decades, if not centuries. In this way, Putinism has ended histor y for all who are subordinate to it.

83 From domestic abuse to Wagner’s sledgehammer. War as a product of systemic violence in Russia Maria Domańska

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