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Kwajo Tweneboa, Lesley Lokko, Clare Donaldson When AI thinks you’re dead

Ethan Zuckerman  The Sunak paradox

Sam Freedman The joy of lex: Gendy nooch

Sarah Ogilvie plus Stephen Collins’s cartoon Philosopher-at-large:

What is a nation? Julian Baggini Diary

Lizzie Porter Letters plus In fact ‡ Lives Crossword & Bobby Seagull’s

Brain Teaser Brief encounter

Will Gompertz



Scars and stripes

In one of the richest countries in the world, poverty is normal Tom Clark Snippets of history

A book of fabric swatches offers a window on Victorian Britain Lucy Lethbridge Our longstanding sentinels

Ancient trees are witness to the convulsions of global history Cal Flyn New elites…

Can a Brexit coalition lead the UK into a bright future? David Willetts … and tired, old arguments

The “lukewarmers” have a new bible to support their faith Bob Ward ‡ Books in brief ‡ Film: Male gaze into the abyss

Peter Hoskin ‡ TV: The physicality of Succession Imogen West-Knights ‡ Stage: Revivals revived

Kate Maltby ‡ Pop: Sheer Sheeran

Laura Barton

→ Pat Cullen & Rachel Sylvester on whether the NHS will survive the strikes → Alastair Campbell on how to fix British politics → Danny Dorling & Deborah

Hargreaves debate whether we’ve reached peak inequality → A t or wherever you get your podcasts


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Ben Zaranko → Brian Friel and his Ireland

Alastair Curtis


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