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3M™ Tube Securement Device

Available in 2 sizes: Small and Large.

Reliable securement Proprietary adhesive delivers strong securement, adhering a variety of medical tubes and catheters to skin for up to 4 days.

Easy to use Easy to apply and remove; allows for standardisation of technique.

Sterile device In single-use packaging.

Unique shape Designed to help reduce the risk of pressure injury with no hard components and a unique shape to minimise contact between skin and tube.

Several applications May be used for urinary catheters, surgical drain tubes, and additional securement for IV’s.*

Please scan to request a demonstration.

Skin performance: The feather designates products that deliver the securement power you need while minimising damage to skin.

*Indicated for non-critical tube securement or in conjunction with urinary catheter balloons, sutures and/or primary securement dressing.

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All rights reserved. OMG613698.

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