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i Leading article

Expelling Moira iv Cleaning out the Augean stable in Victoria Fed Libs must intervene Kevin Andrews v Can Trump win?

Libs need a Canadian makeover James Allan vi Euro notes

Sovereignty Michael Sexton vii Yet another lock-up to avoid

Victorian budget Judith Sloan viii The Woke Health Organisation?

WHO the global nanny Ramesh Thakur ix Malice in Proscuitto Land

The martyrdom of Moira Rebecca Weisser x No Voice can fix this chaos

Real problems of outback communities John-Paul Baladi xi We already have a Voice

… and it’s useless Joe Stella xii Yes, refugees are welcome

No, we can’t take everyone Tony Letford

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Stu ed Turke , 5


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary

Turkey’s existential crossroads Elif Shafak 6 Politics Is Rishi out of ideas?

Katy Balls 7 Rod Liddle

My Eurovision winners and losers 11 Douglas Murray

Fake it till you make it 13 Barometer Percy Pigs, trade unions and qualified migrants 16 Ancient and modern

The mercy of death 19 Matthew Parris Could

Derbyshire survive on its own? 20 Lionel Shriver

The myths around immigration 21 Any other business Rampant unions will embed high inflation Martin Vander Weyer

Bi shots, 18

8 Migration nation

A second great wave is under way Fraser Nelson 9 John Fuller

‘Blind’: a poem 10 Letter from Taiwan

In the shadow of ‘The Bully’ Kate Andrews 12 Baltic view

Lithuania’s Prime Minister on what a Ukrainian victory would look like Owen Matthews 14 Carbon fixation

Europe’s net-zero backlash Ross Clark 15 Unreality shows

The blurred lines between sport and entertainment Tom Goodenough 16 Organ trail

The politician, the street trader and the foiled kidney transplant plot J. Meirion Thomas 18 Bullet points

In Serbia, the gun is a way of life Charlotte Eagar

Charles Moore and Jeremy Clarke are away.

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