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MAY – JUNE 2023


COVER STORY ChangeNOW: Where Sustainability Solutions are Found – and Accelerated Interview with Santiago Lefebvre, Founder and CEO of ChangeNOW


FUTURE SERIES Imagining a Shared Journey into the Future of Work Simon L. Dolan, Kristine Marin Kawamura, Mario Raich, and Dave Ulrich


GENERATIVE AI Generativity: Driving the Promise of Generative AI Llewellyn D.W. Thomas and Richard Tee



CHATGPT Looking beyond ChatGPT: Why AI Reinforcement Learning is Set for Prime Time Jacques Bughin

INNOVATION Automate vs Augment Nina Mohadjer


STRATEGY Resilience Is More than Being Able to Rebound: It Should Be Used As a Competitive Advantage Jacques Bughin


SUSTAINABILITY New Rules of the Game or Game Changer? Three Things to Consider as You Prepare for (Mandatory) Sustainability Reporting Florian Hoos and Mahwesh Khan


LEADERSHIP Tyrant Leadership: Putin and the Psychology of Power John Taylor and Adrian Furnham


CYBERSECURITY Increasing the Proportion of Cyber-Savvy Women in Leadership Positions Camélia Radu and Nadia Smaili









HYBRID WORKING What Leaders and Managers Need to Know about Hybrid Working Véronique Rapetti

TECHNOLOGY Chips Everywhere and with Everything Elizabeth Stephens

COMMUNICATION Digital Communication and Public Concern During Natural Disasters Federico Platania, Celina Toscano, and Fernanda Arreola

STRATEGY Future Shaping for Active and Collaborative Strategising Katri Valkokari, Sofi Kurki, Juuli Huuhanmäki, Jyri Rökman, and Kalle Kantola

SUPPLY CHAIN On the Road Again: Putting the Rock Tour Supply Chain on Music Gilles Paché

SUSTAINABILITY Double Materiality: Realising the Value of a Comprehensive Information Management System Tim Bovy

BOOK REVIEW The Power and Limitations of Venture Capitalists: A Review of Sebastian Mallaby’s The Power Law Kyle Scott

SPACE TECHNOLOGY 2023: A Space Opportunity Pioneering Space Technologies, Protecting the Earth, and Preserving the Space Environment Shruti Shalini, Shalabh Kumar Singh, and Shubhashis Sengupta

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empowering communication globally

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