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‘Red tape to red carpet’ A letter to Crisafulli iv Who is an Aborigine?

The single question for the Voice Peter O’Brien v Of Gronks and Yellers

SA Libs need to choose wisely Michael Penn vi Calvary on the cross

Left coming after church hospitals Kevin Andrews vii Florence gets stuck in a pickle

Snowy rescue plan? Judith Sloan viii WHO’s behind our censorship complex Orwell would not be surprised Rebecca Weisser ix Truth bleaching

Freedoms being wiped out Maurice Newman x Going green will roil world politics

Global consequences of renewables Michael Collins xi Plucking the hissing goose

Stop demonising mining Gina Rinehart xii The dirty war on Trump

Durham exposes Evil Eye of Sauron Kerry Wakefield

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Alien orm, 37


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary My stay with

David Hockney Melvyn Bragg 6 Douglas Murray There is such thing as a stupid question 7 Rod Liddle Welcome to the theatre of the absurd 16 Ancient and modern

Falling through the quacks 17 Mary Wakefield

Anthropomorphism will be our downfall 18 Barometer Speed limits,

council tax and plant-based diets 21 Any other business

Regulators should not roll over for arrogant Revolut Martin Vander Weyer Charles Moore is away.

Win ed messen er, 28

8 Ukraine’s next move

Can Putin be outsmarted? Mark Galeotti 9 PR campaign

Has the counter-offensive been over-hyped? Svitlana Morenets 10 The reactionary bohemian

Jeremy Clarke was a one-off David Goodhart 12 Caroline Smith

‘Taking leave’: a poem 13 Hawks vs Trump

His opponents need to prove him wrong on Ukraine Freddy Gray 14 ‘Goodbye, old friend’

We’ll miss you, Jeremy 18 Academic arguments

The teachers putting principles before children Niru Ratnam 20 Baby steps

The curious business of fertility Gus Carter

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