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36 Brigid Mae Power

E v a

C a r o l a n

34 La Bomba de Tiempo

UPFRONT 06 Top of the World 08 What’s New 16 Introducing…

Sunny War and Noga Ritter 19 Spotlight:

Ensemble Al-Kindi 20 Simon Says 21 Letters

FEATURES 22 Fatoumata Diawara 26 Afghan Music in Exile 30 Pongo 34 La Bomba de Tiempo 36 Brigid Mae Power 38 Mahlathini & the

Mahotella Queens

REVIEWS 44 Africa 48 Americas 52 Europe 56 Asia 57 Pacific 58 Middle East 60 Fusion 64 Classical & Jazz 65 Live Reviews x e l

J o s e p h

“I lik mome share th momeshare th mome get the a share th get the a share th ke en heenheenauheauhe

“I like to have these moments in my shows to share the energy. I need to get the audiences involved”

Pongo detai war-torn Ang ils gol

Pongo details her rollercoaster journey from war-torn Angola to the ‘northern lights’ on p30

M a l u

C a m p e l l o

38 Mahlathini & the Mahotella Queens d r i a n

B o o t

REGULARS 66 My World:

Michael League 68 Beginner’s Guide to

Shirley Collins 70 Festival Pass:

Edinburgh International Festival 72 Gig Guide 75 Overseas Festivals 77 Dispatch from

Geneva, Switzerland 79 Eliza Carthy’s

News of the Whirl 81 Fireside Stories:

Peter One 82 Essential 10:

Thai Albums


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