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CONTENTS Poems Natalie Shapero Oh Boo Hoo 7 Black on Dark Sienna on Purple 8 Jos Charles Three Sonnets 9 Caroline Bird RSVP 12 Downer 13 Ants 14 Sanah Ahsan How do you have pleasure 17 lullaby 18 to be held 19 Dawn Watson Queen of the Sticklebacks 20 Kim Addonizio Existential Voyage 23 Self-Portrait with a Statue of

Fernando Pessoa 25

Padraig Regan Four Torsos in the Fitzwilliam Museum:

GR.94.1937 (Apollo Sauroktonos)

27 GR.2.1891 (Dionysos) 28 GR.18.1891 (Eros) 29 GR.1.1887 (River God) 30 Katherine Horrex F.A.O. Granada Studios 31 Eric Yip Broadway Cinematheque 32 Sarah Hesketh Sunday Father 33 Helen Mort Consequences 34 Cortney Lamar Charleston It’s Important I Remember That There Is No

Universally Recognized Definition— 41

John Challis Night God 43 Cathedral 44 Charlotte Geater dissection after surgery 45 Courtney Conrad I Want to Come Back 47 Inua Ellams Unrelated Incidents. 1981 49 Jessica Traynor i’m lydia deetz and all my friends are dead 54 monstera 55 and the girl inside me 56 Tife Kusoro I keep having dreams about beating up my dad 57

Luke Kennard Fishing with the General 58 Deryn Rees-Jones Let’s Say 60 Michael Pedersen Parklife 62 Asmaa Jama sympathy for ishaq 64 Kathleen Ossip Wallace Stevens 66 Momtaza Mehri Utterances Shared Only with the Dishwater

She Sinks Her Hands Into 67 At the Market, Amman 68

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