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Rebecca McCutcheon Bear Country 69 Blood is Thicker 70 Prerana Kumar Saraswati on Ritual Honeymoon 71 Jack Nicholls For the Cat Found Naturally Mummified

Under St. Patrick’s Church, Toxteth 73

Victoria Kennefick Watching Your Egg Crack 74 I Do An Egg Cleanse Because I Must 75 Moniza Alvi The Handwriting of the Very Old 77 Sophie Robinson f rom mother o’ pearl 78 Alissa Valles / On Zuzanna Ginczanka 82 Zuzanna Ginczanka Explanation in the Margin 83 Instead of a Rose Petal 84 Firebird 85 Vocations 87

A Mutual Uncertainty 88 Mimi Khalvati and Eve Esfandiari-Denney

Gallery Nina Mingya Powles Slipstitch 101

Essay Jeremy Noel-Tod

Magic Papers 112

Reviews Clare Pollard A Sort of Net 118 Vidyan Ravinthiran What Will I Do in the Future? 123 Alycia Pirmohamed Organisational Structures 129 Astra Papachristodoulou Excavating Language 134 SZ Shao Poets with Guts to Spare 139

The Geoffrey Dearmer Prize 2022

JLM Morton Lifecycle of the Cochineal

145 Beetle, c.1788


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