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Autumn 2023



features 39 The Regenerative Brewery Christina Cogdell and Emily Schlickman introduce Ruhstaller Brewery and explore how its regenerative design, focussing on locality and community, offers a model for businesses of the future.

48 Year-Round Vegetable Self-Sufficiency Peni Ediker lives on a One Planet Living smallholding in Wales with her partner where they grow over 90% of their own fruit and veg. Here she shares her favourite varieties and preserving techniques.

52 Autumn Gardening Seasoned gardener, Liz Zorab, suggests some autumnal activities to support your garden, ensure year-round crops, and prepare for the new growing year well in advance.

62 Inspirational Stories of Regeneration It takes every one of us to make the positive changes we want to see in the world. Here we share the stories of 17 projects across five continents, all making a difference.

cover story

18 Abundance in the Forest Garden We celebrate Graham Bell (1953-2023) and his Cottage Garden, one of Britain’s oldest forest gardens, a bountiful space for people and wildlife. From an interview by Delvin and Grace Solkinson.

20 The Forest Garden Year Alan Carter reveals the cycles of the forest garden and the best times for harvesting fresh shoots, roots, flowers and fruits.

© Delvin Solkinson

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