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4 The Time Traveller’s Tale Rob Hopkins takes us to a future where the climate crisis is being faced head-on, exploring what could be…

7 The Unstoppable Transition Tow n Learn how a town in Somerset has become a big hitter when it comes to buying up private land and turning it into community gardens and green spaces.

13 Thrutopia: The Future of Politics In the second article of the series, bestselling novelist, Manda Scott, explains how we can redesign our political systems so they genuinely represent people and Nature.

25 Brighton’s Fruitful Scrumping Project Fiona McWilliam visits The Fruit Factory and finds out how they’re diverting hundreds of tons of unwanted fruit towards community consumption.


30 Make Your Own Natural Paints Anne-Sophie show us how to beautify our homes the permaculture way.

34 The Poo Palace Maddy Harland describes the process of building a Tree Bog, a compost toilet you never have to empty.

57 Managing Pests Using Medicinal Plants Kate Goater shares five plants that help control aphids in the garden and offers a design for supporting predators.


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issue 117  autumn 2023

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