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Ruling the waves The royal family is making millions of pounds each year from the British seabed. Shouldn’t that money be ours? Guy Standing

Imagining Armageddon A guide to avoiding nuclear apocalypse, straight from the 1960s Phil Tinline

Can it think? The rise of artificial intelligence forces us to confront what it means to have a mind Philip Ball


Throwing away the keys US prisons have long been appallingly dysfunctional. Are UK prisons heading the same way? Bill Keller

The last escape Archive Books in central London offers serendipity and a refuge from cloned high streets. But for how much longer? Alan Rusbridger

Worst chancellor ever? George Osborne’s small-state mania drove the country to the brink of ruin. We are still living the consequences Chris Mullin

Nazis in the cellar Past and present Austrian presidents say fascism has been banished. The truth is more complicated Hella Pick

Conversation: Is green growth the future? How do we build an economy that supports nature and the climate? Kate Raworth & Sam Fankhauser

The promise of freedom Human existence is laced with tragedy. Isaiah Berlin showed us the way forward Michael Ignatieff

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