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TO CBD OR NOT TO CBD? Are high street cannabidiol products safe and effective?


Using hormones to track wildlife’s urban adaptations

FANTASTIC PHAGES An exclusive extract from The Good Virus

Tissue tech

A new method to ‘bioprint’ electronic circuits directly into flesh

VOLUME 70 NO 3 Autumn 2023

ON THE COVER 14 Fleshtronics How new bioprinting techniques could revolutionise implants and prosthetics


18 Street life Endocrinology is revealing how hormones help animals cope with city stress

10 Cannabidiol conundrum Amid the CBD product boom we ask how effective they really are

26 The daisy debate Is ragwort a toxic weed or an ecologically important wildflower?

CONNECT WITH US Have an idea for an article or interested in writing for us? RoyalSocBio

@RoyalSocBio royalsocbio

UP FRONT 04 Society news RSB welcomes new ambassadors; Biosphere podcast launched; guide to Biology Week

06 Policy news and analysis RSB responds to education inquiries; Parliamentary Links Day report; how the Society is helping foster pan-science collaborations

FEATURES 10 Don’t believe the hype Cannabis products are on trend, but do they actually work?

14 Bioprinting in vivo The new generation of 3D printing techniques that could revolutionise bioelectronics

18 Urban endocrinology How hormones help animals adapt to city life

22 Book extract With AMR on the rise The Good Virus re-examines the 100-year-old idea of using phages as antibiotics

26 Weed or wild flower? The biology of ragwort is key to its success – but is it dangerous to livestock and people?

30 Free to roam Travel grant recipients on how RSB funding boosted their careers

REGULARS 34 Members 38 Book reviews 42 Branches 47 Crossword 48 Amazing experiments Carl Woese’s new tree of life

Vol 70 No 3 / THE BIOLOGIST / 1

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