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INNOVATION Going Faster Is Not Enough; Add Innovation to Outperform Peter Weill, Jan Brecht, and Stephanie L. Woerner STRATEGY Strategy at the Pace of Technology: Integrating Technology into Strategy Development Can Drive Growth and Resilience Rachel Barton INNOVATION Innovative Growth: Just a Journey from A to B? Keith Goffin and Ian Kierans INTERVIEW Pioneering Biotech Investment with Patient-Centric Vision Interview with Dr. Simeon George from SR One Capital Management LEADERSHIP Why Strong Technology Leadership Matters to Europe’s Future Competitiveness Jean-Marc Ollagnier, Svenja Falk, and Surya Mukherjee ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Does Generative AI Generate Jobs? Jacques Bughin Artificial Intelligence is Exclusive-by-Design Hamilton Mann Emotion AI as an Advancement in Human-Machine Interactions Anna Maria Rostomyan Now it is Time for AI Transformation Jacques Bughin and Ivan Gjepali STRATEGY Mission, Vision, Values: A Blueprint for Success Ken Gavranovic and Lee Atchison FUTURE SERIES The Art of Future Design – Part II: Deployment, Wholeness, and Impact on Human Beings Kristine M. Kawamura, Mario Raich, Simon L. Dolan, Dave Ulrich, and Claudio Cisullo












INNOVATION Why Businesses Should Adopt Digital Evolution, not Revolution Greig Johnston RISK MANAGEMENT A Framework of Risk Governance Pedro B. Agua Digital Strategies for Proactive Supplier Risk Management Kamil J. Mizgier SUPPLY CHAIN Building the Data Foundations of Supply Chain Decarbonation Hervé Legenvre PSYCHOLOGY A Beauty Premium and a Plainness Penalty: Attractiveness at Work Adrian Furnham CULTURE Culture is Still ‘A Thing’: On Why it’s So, but Shouldn’t Be Ernst Graamans BRANDING How to Move from Product to Cultural Innovation Klaus Heine and Michel Phan Building Brand Engagement: Lessons from NFTs and Collectibles Frank Cespedes and Ben Plomion SUSTAINABILITY The Challenges and Rewards of Localising Global Sustainability Strategies Danielle Allen GLOBAL ECONOMY The Sources of Economic Growth: What if Countries were Companies Jorge Sá & Paulo Rodrigues DATA SECURITY Diagnosis: We have PII and IP... now what? Nina Mohadjer

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empowering communication globally

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