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Klara Fritz, Writers Prize winner, writes about Lucia and László (p.12) Anna Fox, Mark Curran and Rachel Cohen discuss How to Photograph Work (p.16) • Ellie Howard looks at Depop Workers (p.24) • Clive Nich-

ols talks about being a Garden and Flower Photographer (p.26)

9 771369 222044

# 112 / £ 8

CoLUmnS news (p.4) orla Fitzpatrick (p.14) Colin Pantall (p.82) Judy Gearhart (p.86)

Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society (p.40)

2 0 2 3

A U t U m n moira Lovell (p.50)

EXHIBItIonS Madame Yevonde • Carrie Mae Weems • Moira McIver • Markéta Luskačová


Arjan de Nooy • Tanja Engelberts • Annebella Pollen •

Christo Geoghegan • Anita Witek and more


David Flood (p.30)

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