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5 Editorial 6 News 11 Views Beccy Thompson and Alice King-Farlow 12 Bardwatching Catch up on all the latest Shakespeare news

FEATURES 13 Look and listen The rise of audio plays for young people 14 Transforming and evolving Scott Graham on Frantic Assembly’s adaptation of The Metamorphosis 16 Wellbeing in the arts Fourth Monkey on creating a new pathway to help students access mental health services 18 Scavenging for new talent Encouraging schemes and resources for up-andcoming playwrights

PERFORMING ARTS 20 Top tips for film Ryan Laccohee advises on how to connect with your scene partner

BACKSTAGE MATTERS 21 Using artificial intelligence Can AI be useful for drama teachers? Christian Bullen investigates

GOING SOLO 24 BBC Maestro Discover a new star-studded arts education platform for students and teachers

DRAMA IN EARLY YEARS AND PRIMARY 25 The big jump One academic proposes that drama can be used as a tool to aid the transition from Primary to Secondary

ON COURSE 26 Bristol Old Vic The school outlines it diverse and varied offering for innovative performers

MDE EXPO 31 Meet the speaker Wendy Frost introduces Kerry Frampton from Splendid Productions

LESSON PLANS AND STRATEGIES 28 Practitioner focus Complicite 30 One-off workshop Digital detox 50 Drama strategy Wardrobe malfunction

PLAYS 32 Play for performance The Wizard of Oz 33 Play for study Emilia 34 Play text reviews The Secret Garden; Farm Hall; The Big House Anthology; Best of Enemies

37 Five great plays… for diverse casts


REVIEWS 39 Books Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies The Final Curtain 40 Performance Brown Boys Swim 40 Web resource Playmakers podcast 41 Performance The Confessions 41 Resource Creating an Immersive Primary Classroom CPD 48 Schemes of Work summaries Full schemes available online: KS2 | Black Beauty KS3 | The Railway Children KS3/4 | Developing character: backstories and subplots KS4 | Sharman MacDonald’s After Juliet KS5 | The Tempest

LISTINGS: UK-WIDE 43 Performances 44 Workshops and courses

Cover image: A performance of 3.2.1, the 2023 New Views competition winner Credit: Emma Hare

Spring Term 1 2023/24 Drama & Theatre 3

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