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America’s undoing A generation of failed US militarism hasn’t brought security—but decline Samuel Moyn

All that remains The war in Gaza is the most lethal and destructive yet. When the guns fall silent, who will run Gaza City? Avi Shlaim thinkers for a world on the brink We present a list of intellectuals— from priests and strategists to neuroscientists and historians— who will help us navigate our changing world in the year ahead

A new kind of Tory? Kemi Badenoch’s critics think she is a hard-right ideologue. They’re wrong Matthew d’Ancona

Profile: The man who verifies How Eliot Higgins transformed investigative journalism Tom Lamont


years of failure This may have been the worst government ever Sam Freedman

No place for homes What does Macmillan’s mass housebuilding of the 1950s reveal about our current crisis? Rowan Moore

A law unto herself She befriended the Kray twins and married a convicted murderer. At 91, barrister Nemone Lethbridge is still going strong Duncan Campbell

Bad medicine Scientists are racing to eradicate malaria—one of the world’s most deadly diseases. Counterfeit drugs stand in their way Sarah Boseley

In the danger zone As Taiwan approaches key elections, Beijing is amping up its efforts to take control, through fear or force Elizabeth Green

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