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Bala Desejo


21 Bounaly

C o u r t e s y o f

B o u n a l y

28 Best Albums 2023

UPFRONT 06 Top of the World 08 The Source

Felabration, Jamala, Karine Polwart, Gig for Gaza, Don Letts 16 Songlines Music

Awards 2023 World Pioneer and Best Newcomer 20 Take Note

Julieta Laso 21 Introducing

Bounaly 22 Spotlight

Yann & Emilie Tiersen 24 Simon Says 25 Letters 26 Obituaries

FEATURES 28 Best Albums 2023 30 Bob Marley 36 Mon Laferte 40 Hidden Histories of Sea Shanties 42 Raphael Rogiński

M a y r a

O r t i z


REVIEWS 44 Africa 48 Americas 52 Europe 58 Asia 59 Middle East 60 Fusion 64 Books 65 Live

E s t ê v ã o n d r a d e

22 Yann & Emilie Tiersen

M a i t e

F e r n a n d e z l o n s o

REGULARS 66 My World

Ben Edge 68 Beginner’s Guide

Mark O’Connor 71 Dispatch from

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 72 Gig Guide 76 Festival Guide 79 Fireside Stories

Gustavo Durán 81 Eliza Carthy’s

News of the Whirl 82 Essential 10

New Portuguese Albums

“There are days I feel like a bad artist, I’m a disaster, other days I

feel so powerful” Mon Laferte discusses the selfregeneration of her new album and the many forms that her music has taken , p36


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