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Marcus Prasad Vanessa Maria editorial 16 Craft by Joy Xiang features 22 The Moon and Material K in: Interview with Akash Inbakumar by Holly Chang 29 Marking Time Spent Absurdly by Anni Araújo Spadafora With editorial contributions by D. St-Amour 37 Weaving Through the Binary: Qualeasha Wood's Textile Inheritances by Salena Barry 44 Different Things in Different Scenes: Encountering Ichi-go Ichi-e in Tea by Jasmine Gui

52 Love Made Object by Amanda Shore 56 Mercado de Artesanías: Crafting Latinx Identity by Javier Fuentes Martinez composition 64 – GILD – Dedicated to V.T.G.N.R.S.M by Jonathan Scott one thing 66 This File Cannot Be Found by Sumin Hwang artist project 0–5, 88–89

Exploratory Touch by Trevor Novak Text by matt lambert tilling 86 The Centre for Cultural and Artistic Practice: In Conversation with Luther Konadu by Shalaka Jadhav and

Suzanne Morrissette

COVER IMAGE Akash Inbakumar, behind the scenes of Era of the Moon: Phases filming at Meadowvale Conservation Area, Mississauga, 2023 PHOTO: SHAZA TARIQ EL-NOUR; ©, COURTESY OF: THE ARTIST

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