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February/March 2024





Notes from the Frontline 6 Behind the Image 8 A radar station in Northumberland

War Classics

Nick Spenceley reconsiders The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat




Disaster to triumph: Burma, 1944

Fought amid jungles and mountains near the border between India and Burma (now Myanmar), Imphal and Kohima was voted ‘Britain’s greatest battle’ in a poll for London’s National Army Museum. In our two-part special for this issue, timed to mark the battle’s 80th anniversary, Graham Goodlad first explains how Lieutenant-General William (Bill) Slim managed to build the multinational British Fourteenth Army into formidable force, then analyses the battle and its aˆermath to understand how this savagely fought victory turned the tide in Burma and finally brought an end to years of Japanese expansionism.

12 1385 and all that The failed French conquest

The Norman Conquest remains a key event in English history, but later French invasions have been forgotten, as Duncan Cameron explains.

34 The last charge Mars-la-Tour, 1870

A crucial battle of the Franco-Prussian War was also the site of perhaps Europe’s last successful cavalry charge, as William E. Welsh reveals.

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The spies who never were The Deceivers In the third part of our series on deception in WWII, Taylor Downing uncovers the true story of the double agents Brutus and Garbo.

48 Hell and high water The Kaiser’s U-boats

At the outbreak of WWI, a devastating new weapon changed the rules of naval warfare. David Porter analyses a submarine threat.

February/March 2024

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