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26 An Uphill Race to Save Democracy Democrats could lose control of the Senate in 2024, making House races crucial. JOHN NICHOLS

30 How Long Can Donald

Trump Evade Justice? With help from the Supreme

Court and an election-year calendar, the former President may slip through the cracks. BILL BLUM

34 Breaking the Barriers An interview with Tom Harkin, former Senator from Iowa. MIKE ERVIN

44 The Two Biggest Words

Behind Climate Change Finally, the words “fossil fuels”

were officially linked to global heating at COP 28. TINA GERHARDT

46 Protecting the

‘Firewall of Democracy’ Israel’s war in Gaza has killed more journalists in a shorter time period than any other war. NORMAN STOCKWELL

VOLUME 88, NUMBER 1 • This issue of The Progressive went to press on January 24, 2024.




38 After the (White) Gold Rush The global push for electric vehicles could have devastating consequences


for Argentina’s Indigenous communities. AM E L I A R AY N O Weaponizing San Francisco A reactionary movement is manipulating urban crises for political gain. CHRISTOPHER D. COOK

50 Refusing to Fall in Line Biden’s complicity in Israel’s war is driving many Muslim and Arab Americans to withdraw their support. SAMER BADAWI

56 Don’t Discount the Nurses Health care unions could be one of President Biden’s most important allies in the battle to save the nation. SHARON JOHNSON


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