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08 Wild Times

Catch up with the latest developments and discoveries making the headlines

34 All about breeding king penguins Follow these iconic birds as they return to their subA n t a r c t i c c o l o n i e s f o r a l e n g t h y breeding cycle

38 Hidden World

In shallow South-East Asian waters, the tentacled snake lures its fishy prey with a deadly game of disguise and decoy

42 A night out with the toad patrol Meet the volunteers helping vulnerable toads to safely reach their breeding grounds

50 Northern highlights

A Shetland photographer heads off the beaten track for a breathtaking tour of its wildlife

60 Attenborough and the Giant Sea Monster Revealing the secrets of the pliosaur, thanks to an astonishing fossil find on Dorset’s Jurassic Coast

66 Saving animals in Ukraine Tireless efforts are ongoing to safeguard a nation of creatures caught up in the conflict

72 High flyers

Oriental pied hornbills are making themselves at home amidst the skyscrapers of the garden city of Singapore


...the arrival of the hoverfly in gardens and hedgerows – a wasp mimic and early pollinator Page 14

The fearsome pliosaur attacks an ichthyosaur 60


Have you heard of the fisher? Learn more on p88...

82 Q&A

What is the difference between hair and fur, and how do flies mate?

88 Species guide

All you ever needed to know about the fisher

91 Crossword

Plus Spot the Difference

92 Photo Club

Including Snap Chat

96 Your Letters

Join the debate

98 10 meat-eating plants

From humped bladderworts to California pitcher plants, our pick of clever carnivores BBC WILDLIFE 7

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