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The annual Consumer Electronics Show marks the beginning of each year with an audio-visual bang that is second to none. CES takes place over many acres of show f loor in Las Vegas at the start of January, and it is where many of the major television manufacturers announce their new sets and technological developments for the year. And, of course, we at What Hi-Fi? a re there to report on it all every year.

In this month’s issue, we bring you the news on what you can expect from TVs in 2024 (p56). Those sets won’t be with us for some time to come, though, so we also have a TV head to head (p52) pitting the best that Sony has to offer against Panasonic.

And you won’t want to miss our Group Test of surround speaker packages (p30) that sees a new, and excellent, Q Acoustics package take on Award-winners from B&W and Wharfedale. Also in this issue, we pit Ruark against Naim in a head to head of premium all-in-one music systems (p40). Can the newcomer usurp the long-time class leader?

Jonathan Evans, editor

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Philips 55OLED808, p6 Philips was late to the party with its new sets for 2023; which, when they are as good as this, is a real shame



What Hi-Fi? (ISSN 0309-3336) (March 2024, issue 484) is published monthly with an extra issue in March by Future Publishing,

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EXPERIENCE. HERITAGE. We have been helping the world discover the best in hi-fi and home entertainment for more than 45 years, and have more than 100 years of reviewing experience under our collective belts – so you can count on our expert opinion.

DEDICATED TEST FACILITIES We test every product against its peers in our extensive, bespoke reviewing facilities in London and Reading. We conduct all our tests as a team – our opinions and conclusions are always the result of collaboration.


All review verdicts are agreed upon by the team as a whole – not an individual reviewer. Each product will be listened to and/or viewed by several members of the test team, who will then discuss the final verdict before it appears in the magazine or on the website. This avoids any individual bias creeping in.

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