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Cover story: Kickstarting Nigeria

Business Intelligence 4 News and deals around Africa Opinion 10 It’s time for African countries to shape the WTO, not just sit in it Cover story: Nigeria 16 Can Bola Tinubu revive Africa’s sleeping giant? 20 Nigeria’s shift to renewable energy picks up momentum 24 Finance sector faces turbulence 28 Inter view: ‘If they don’t know what you are tr ying to build, they can’t support you’: Bosun Tijani, Minister for the Digital Economy 30 ‘Resistance is futile’:

Why Nigeria rolled back cr ypto restrictions 32 Grappling with urban planning 34 Growing pains in agriculture 36 Inter view: Minister of Health

Muhammad Ali Pate 40 The thriving cultural scene of

Lagos gets a new addition Special report:

intentional in terms of AI and development’ says Landry Signé Special report: African mining 54 African mining embraces diversification 58 Zambian energy supplier to mines secures $145m investment milestone 60 Simandou: Is Africa’s biggest mining project finally ready? Features 62 Will Kenya’s renewed privatisation push succeed? 66 Ruto softens his line on China as Kenya seeks $1bn loan 68 What does 2024 have in store for renewable energy in Africa? 72 Remittances soar as African migrants ignore new immigration controls and head to the West 80 Angola’s exit puts spotlight on Africa’s role in OPEC 92 A pan-African catwalk: stepping inside the fashion industry

Countryfiles 76 Ethiopia’s Red Sea deal

World Economic Forum in Davos 42 How can Africa tackle investors’ risk bias? 44 How Africa can achieve commodity-led industrialisation 46 Inter view: Phuti Mahanyele-

with Somaliland sparks diplomatic row 78 What next for Egypt’s economy after Sisi’s re-election? Review 96 A sense of Africa rising,

Dabengwa of Naspers on taking on the global tech giants 48 Inter view: ‘We need to be more side-­by-side with crisis Editor’s View 98 Africa must brace for

Donald Trump’s return

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