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contents thinkers 24 Stuart Jef ries

We Are Free to Change the World: Hannah Arendt’s Lessons in Love and Disobedience Lyndsey Stonebridge 26 Megan Vaughan

T e Rebel ’s Clinic: T e Revolutionary Lives of Frantz Fanon Adam Shatz spirit of place 28 Jeremy Harte

Remembering Peasants: A Personal History of a Vanished World Patrick Joyce 29 Susan Owens

Time and Tide: T e Long, Long Life of Landscape Fiona Staf ord 30 Cal F lyn

Under the Hornbeams: A True Story of Life in the Open Emma Tarlo man & beast 32 Raymond Tallis

Determined: Life without Free Will Robert M Sapolsky 33 Charles Foster

Why Animals Talk: T e New Science of Animal Communication Arik Kershenbaum 35 James Le Fanu

Tyranny of the Gene: Personalized Medicine and Its T reat to Public Health James Tabery labour old & new 36 H Kumarasingham

T e Wild Men: T e Remarkable Story of Britain’s First Labour Government David Torrance 37 Michael White

Labour Takes Power: T e Denis MacShane Diaries 1997–2001 Denis MacShane foreign parts 38 Jason Goodwin

To the City: Life and Death Along the Ancient Walls of Istanbul Alexander Christie-Miller 39 Craig Clunas

T e Light of Asia: A History of Western Fascination with the East Christopher Harding 41 Hazel Smith

T e Sister: T e Extraordinary Story of Kim Yo Jong, the Most Powerful Woman in North Korea Sung-Yoon Lee 42 Charlie Gammell

T e House Divided: Sunni, Shia and the Making of the Middle East Barnaby Rogerson general 43 Ian Sansom

Missing Persons, Or My Grandmother’s Secrets Clair Wills 44 Gillian Tindall

Liberty over London Bridge: A History of the People of Southwark Margaret Willes 45 Bijan Omrani

T e Seven Wonders of the Ancient World Bettany Hughes 46 Patricia Fara

T e Nobel Family: Swedish Geniuses in Tsarist Russia Bengt Jangfeldt 47 Francesca Peacock

Alphabetical Diaries Sheila Heti fiction 48 John Burnside

My Friends Hisham Matar 49 Sheena Joughin

T e Vulnerables Sigrid Nunez 50 James Womack

T e Wizard of the Kremlin Giuliano da Empoli 51 Jude Cook

What Will Survive of Us Howard Jacobson 52 Sam Kitchener

My Heavenly Favourite Lucas Rijneveld 52 Ian Critchley

Fourteen Days: A Collaborative Novel 54 Minoo Dinshaw

Glorious Exploits Ferdia Lennon 54 Richard Canning

Day Michael Cunningham fiction in brief 56 Green Dot Madeleine Gray • Come and Get It Kiley Reid • Pity Andrew McMillan • A Mind of Winter Eoghan Smith silenced voices 57 Lucy Popescu Freddy Quezada crime 58 Tim Hornyak

T e Last Yakuza Jake Adelstein 60 Natasha Cooper on new crime f ction bookends 64 Nicholas Clee T e End of the Long Lunch

50 LR Bookshop 34 Letters 55 Crossword february 2024 | Literary Review


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