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i Leading article

Slashing the acronyms iv Brown Study

French letter Neil Brown v New Zealand sees the light on Auku Thanks to Winston Peters Kevin Andrews vi Biggest national security disaster

New rules of law Jason Thomas vii Sunak’s sinking ship

Nigel Farage final nail in coffin Mark Higgie viii ‘My word is my bond’

Yeah, right Judith Sloan ix A pandemic that should really scare The disease of socialism Maurice Newman x Gaslighting the Jews

NSW Police are a joke and antisemites are laughing Rebecca Weisser xi Business/Robbery, etc

Indefensible: the Albanese-funded EDO Michael Baume xii BoM refuses to see AI on the horizon Dictatorship of the woke bureaucrats Scott Hargreaves

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Sa it with owers, 10


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary Labour is right to ditch its £28 billion green pledge Paul Mason 6 Politics Starmer’s Gaza gamble

James Heale 7 The Spectator’s Notes

Should King Charles have announced the news of his cancer? Charles Moore 11 Rod Liddle

Suspend your disbelief 13 Barometer Butterfly numbers,

Covid grades and swapping religion 15 Douglas Murray

We live in a different Britain now 20 Mary Wakefield

My XL Bully eureka moment 19 Ancient and modern

Laughing stock 22 Letters St Blaise, the right to die and UAE censorship 23 Any other business

Will Rachel Reeves scrap the private equity tax break? Martin Vander Weyer

Le t march, 5

8 Extinction Rebellion

The plot to take down Rishi Katy Balls 9 Julie Lumsden

‘Wonderful Tennessee’: a poem 10 Blooming obvious

Women love flowers. Who knew? Henry Jeffreys 12 Smoke signals

A fireside chat with Alan Garner Emily Rhodes 14 Royal treatment

The problem with a ‘slimmeddown’ monarchy Hugo Vickers 16 Latest draft

Inside Ukraine’s new plan for mass conscription Svitlana Morenets 18 ‘I am not intending to conquer Europe’ An interview with Éric Zemmour Freddy Gray 21 Letter from Antarctica

We are truly isolated here – but rarely alone Robbie Mallett

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