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i Leading article

Bowen’s climate idiocy iv Brown Study

Lurching Neil Brown v At war with Defence

Minister and department Marles apart Kevin Andrews vi The sinister Steyn verdict

The Capitol will not be mocked Kerry Wakefield vii US justice stinks

The Steyn and Trump affairs James Allan viii When Tucker met Putin

Dictatorship of the woke bureaucrats Christopher Jolliffe ix Milei slays Davos

Collectivists vs individualists David Pearl x Blame Mr Bean

EV sales falling flat. Now wonder Rebecca Weisser xi IR in the gutter

The disastrous consequences of Burke’s workplace ‘reforms’ Judith Sloan xii Killing productivity

Central bankers wrong on interest rates Michael Collins

Dan erous liaisons, 42


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary Humphries vs Lennon

Harry Mount 8 Ancient and modern Acting up 9 Rod Liddle Labour still has an anti-Semitism problem 13 Douglas Murray The House of Lords is a house of nobodies 15 Barometer Octogenarian leaders,

‘diverse’ armies and assisted suicide 18 Lionel Shriver

Are bad parents criminals? 20 Lara Prendergast

My top beauty tips for blokes 22 Any other business

Year of the falling Dragon? Martin Vander Weyer

Matthew Parris is away

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Great Dame, 5

6 Is Nato ready?

A report from Estonia’s front line Max Jeffery 7 John Levett

‘A stone’s thrown’: a poem 8 Gold standard

My father, the famous criminal G.V. Chappell 10 Losing battle

The British Army is unfit for combat Eliot Wilson 12 Low spirits

Checking in to a haunted hotel Sean Thomas 14 ‘A majority of Anglicans want to see a more inclusive church ’ An interview with Steven Croft, the Bishop of Oxford Theo Hobson 16 Off grid

Labour will rue its decarbonisation pledge Ross Clark 19 Letter from Kyiv

Ukrainians’ spirits remain unbroken Owen Matthews 21 Last rights

We should all be able to choose a better death Catriona Olding

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