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Suite dreams, p12

All is vanity, p20


Mad, bad and dangerous to know, p18


BOOKS 23 Alexander Larman

Byron, by Andrew Stauffer 25 Robert Adès

On Giving Up, by Adam Phillips Simon Heffer

Little Englanders, by Alwyn Turner 26 Emily Rhodes

Wrong Norma, by Anne Carson 27 Stuart Jeffries

The Dreadful History and Judgment of God on Thomas Müntzer, by Andrew Drummond Claudine Toutoungi

‘There is Room for Poetry’: a poem 29 Joanna Pocock

Splinters, by Leslie Jamison 30 Ian Sansom

Engineers of the Human Soul, by Simon Ings 31 D.J. Taylor

Burma Sahib, by Paul Theroux Julie Lumsden ‘Escape to the Country’: a poem


ARTS 32 Yoel Noorali goes on a pilgrimage to hear an organ recital set to last 639 years 34 Pop

Idles: Tangk; Katherine Priddy: The Pendulum Swing Graeme Thomson Exhibitions When Forms Come Alive Laura Gascoigne 36 Television

One Day James Delingpole 37 Radio & podcasts

The Gatekeepers; Law and Disorder Jenny McCartney 38 The listener

Messiaen: Turangalia-Symphonie Damian Thompson Classical music Siegfried; The Handmaid’s Tale Richard Bratby 39 Cinema

The Taste of Things Deborah Ross 40 Theatre

The Hills of California; Wilko Lloyd Evans 41 Australian Arts

Peter Craven

LIFE 42 Charmed life Petronella Wyatt 43 Real life Melissa Kite 44 The turf Robin Oakley

Bridge Susanna Gross 45 Books

The puppet masters Kel Richards AND FINALLY . . . 46 Chess Luke McShane

Competition Lucy Vickery 47 Crossword Mr Magoo 48 No sacred cows

Toby Young Battle for Britain Michael Heath 49 The Wiki Man

Rory Sutherland Your problems solved Mary Killen 50 Drink

Bruce Anderson Mind your language Dot Wordsworth 51 Aux biens pensants

Price gouging & bottomless bikinis David Flint

Catriona Olding, who on p21 writes about how end-oflife care needs to change, is an artist and former nurse.

Alexander Larman, who writes about Lord Byron on p23, is the literary editor of The Spectator World and the author of Byron’s Women.

Robert Adès, who writes about Adam Phillips on p25, is assistant editor of The Collected Letters of D.W. Winnicott.

Joanna Pocock is the author of Surrender and a visiting lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of the Arts. She reads Leslie Jamison on p29.

Yoel Noorali, who visits Halberstadt Cathedral’s famous organ on p32, has written for Dispatches, Esquire and the FT.

the spectator australia | 17 february 2024 | iii

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