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i Leading article

Watchdog consumers iv Faint heart never won fair lady

How Peter Dutton can win James Allan v Forget Aquarius

Age of Incompetence Judith Sloan vi Albo the lethal lorelei

Labor’s border farce continues Rebecca Weisser vii Real climate science

Two reports Ian Plimer viii Keeping up with the neighbours

Indonesian elections Kevin Andrews ix China’s economic handicap

Communist party self-interest Michael Collins x Subversion within NZ

Not for the first time Amy Brooke xi Naval gazing

It’s corvette time Tom Lewis xii And the award for best hypocrite

EGO is a dirty acronym Noel Yaxley

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Science’s unsung hero, p12


3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary The best and the worst of Venice Anne Robinson 6 Politics Can Labour win over the farmers? Katy Balls 7 The Spectator’s Notes

What is Prince William thinking? Charles Moore 11 Rod Liddle Kids and smartphones:

an inconvenient truth 13 Douglas Murray

The myth of the Gaza genocide 14 Barometer Children voters,

holiday lets, over-the-top dining 19 Ancient and modern

No rookies in the republic 17 Mary Wakefield When trans rights trump babies’ rights 21 Letters Putin’s plan, Rishi’s road tour and the lure of evangelism 22 Any other business

Bombed-out bank shares are a failure of modern capitalism Martin Vander Weyer

The making of Keir Starmer, p28

8 Work farce

The new jobs crisis Kate Andrews 9 John Mole

‘Punch and Judy Revisited for Anna’: a poem 10 Rock bottom

In Blackpool you see the welfare crisis at its very worst Max Jeffery 12 Killer breakthrough

DNA profiling is a great British success story Matt Ridley 14 Putin’s British prisoner

Vladimir Kara-Murza is languishing in a Siberian jail Lisa Haseldine 16 Who dares wins

Ukraine is in dire need – and the West must respond fast Lionel Barber 18 Tall story

An ancient synagogue is under threat from developers Christopher Howse 20 Testing times

Cricket is the best antidepressant Mark Mason 23 The Vintage Chef Olivia Potts

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