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Letter from the Editor

Dear Idlers,

Cover stars Giles Wood and Mary Killen are just as funny and charming in real life as they are on Gogglebox, and Giles in particular embodies Idler principles. In fact, I think we should give him an award. He has not over-exerted himself in life, despite being a good painter and writer. He has become famous simply for being himself, and for watching telly. And he doesn’t seem to have had a job for many decades. Are Giles and Mary living the Idler dream? Find out on page 28.

I’m delighted to have published a brilliant essay on anger by Rowan Williams (who will be appearing at this year’s Idler Festival). It ’s about the positive aspects of anger and emerges from his researches into the writings of the very early Eastern Christians, the original monks. We celebrate Edith Wharton and Gustav Temple at tacks the wacky, childish “UX designers” of Silicon Valley, the ones who make our lives a misery with their dumb apps. On the subject of this year’s festival on 5–7 July, we’re delighted to announce that as well as Rowan Williams, we have Zadie Smith, Tim Key, Nina Stibbe and Olivia Laing on the bill, and more. Go to for more line-up info.

Live well, To m b

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