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Jamie Driscoll, Karin Hindsbo, Jess Thompson, Ben Gregory, Ludovic Slimak The joy of lex: Deepfake

Sarah Ogilvie plus Stephen Collins’s cartoon Letters plus In fact Philosopher-at-large:

The inhumanity of AI Sasha Mudd € Is Labour brave enough?

Sam Freedman „ Diary

Richard Sennett „ Steve Jobs’s brave new world

Ethan Zuckerman ‡ Lives ‡ Crossword & Bobby Seagull’s

Brain Teaser ‡‡ Brief encounter

Lynda La Plante, crime writer

‡ Man to man

A masterly rethink of the emergence of homosexuality Rhodri Lewis A kind of magic

When the supernatural bordered on the scientific Emily Lawford Jewish space lasers

The deep roots of modern conspiracy theories Keith Kahn-Harris ‹ Taking flight

Sigrid Nunez breaks out of the lockdown novel Lucy Scholes ‹ Books in brief ‹„ Stage: Deforming

Richard III Kate Maltby ‹ TV: False detective

Imogen West-Knights ‹‹ Art: Yoko Ono’s big ideas

Philip Clark ‹‡ Classical notes: Destination Tokyo

Ian Bostridge

→ Timothy Garton Ash on Navalny and the survival of the west → Simona Foltyn on what motivates Hezbollah, Iran and the Houthis

→ Stuart Jeffries on a world without cash → A t or wherever you get your podcasts


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Saying the unsayable on Israel-Gaza → Isabel Hilton

Chinese EVs could become weapons on wheels

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