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Tackling disadvantage ➜ https://www.nursery big-issues/closingthe-gap

PRACTICE GUIDE Advice on selecting picturebooks ➜ https://www.nursery


MANAGEMENT GUIDE How to navigate business integration ➜ https://www.nursery coming up in this issue

 NEWS 6 analysis Will the Government take heed of what the latest data reveals about the health of the sector? 8 news round-up

All you need to know in brief 11 noticeboard

Community catch-up

 OPINION 12 to the point Michael Pettavel on where the

Government is going wrong with recruitment; students need to access free childcare, says Jo Jenkinson 13 interview

Professor Angelica Ronald talks about fine motor skills 50 over to you

Your letters and social media posts contents


S is for sharing spaces 23 Neurodiversity

Supporting neurodiverse children 26 STEM outdoors Forces that relate to motion 28 We’ve explored… Elephants

 MANAGEMENT 42 safeguarding, part 2

Ensuring ‘suitability’ of all staff 44 team values

Meet a sports coach and key worker at Kids Planet in Preston 46 managers’ queries

Advice on staff tattoos

April 2024 ■ Activities... find out about the

Pikler approach to movement for the under-threes. ■ Lockdown babies series continues with an investigation of the longterm impact of the pandemic on the way settings operate. ■ Characteristics of Effective

Learning: new four-part series examines in depth why these should still be a vital part of best practice. ■ Health and wellbeing: advice on ensuring all children stay hydrated a s t h e w e a t h e r g e t s w a r m e r .

POSTER Series on the seasons continues with spring animals

 PRACTICE 14 physical development

Building strength and stamina 16 lockdown babies Their particular health issues 18 gender equity

Tackling gender inequality 20 podcast

A programme about ‘baby farming’ 24 resources

At N Family Club, Stoke Newington 30 health and wellbeing

Spotlight on a scheme in Liverpool 32 All about....

Screen time 35 best practice Why not to give children labels 37 Nursery World w e b i n a r

Catch up with Almas Industries on the latest in nursery security 39 special focus

What’s new in management so ware

 CLASSIFIED 47 services 48 appointments



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