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in mind DOSSIERpsychologies

With you

Soul 86 Make thejourney thedestination Salvethe soul andchoose to see theworldataslowerpace

88 Calmwaters Take theplungeand trywildswimming

90 Singfor your life! Celebrateyourvoiceand shareitwith theworld, urgesJames Sill

92 Trustyourintuition Tune into your bodyand reconnect withyourvalues

97 Thewords This month’snon-fiction must-reads

98 Yours faithfully SingerPaloma Faithonmanaging thejuggleasaworking mum

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Connectwithnature 44 Assessing your relationship with nature Take time to discoverwhatthe natural worldmeans to you withothers canstrengthen human bonds

47 Celebratingthe seasons Let thechanging year guide your understandingofyourself

509waystoconnect with nature Find ways to be at one withthe greatoutdoors

48 Connecting with others Howspendingtimeoutside

52 What does greentime bringtoyourlife? Take ourtesttofindout


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