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Zaffar Kunial responds to Benjamin Myers


Close Reading Alice Tarbuck reviews Dawn Watson, 75 Linda France and Laboni Islam Helena Nelson reviews Daljit Nagra, 78 Sarah Salway and Amy Acre Lisa Kelly reviews Jane Clarke, 81 Jacqueline Saphra and William Letford Rishi Dastidar reviews Martina Evans, 84 Rachel Carney and Dylan Brennan


Molly Underwood


The Articles

The calling and its abatement: an assay upon the ecopoetic Meryl Pugh

Growing Language from the Earth Jason Allen-Paisant

Mudlarking: Silthood and Scriptocurrency Jade Cuttle




Peakshole Water Speaks

Yvonne Reddick Kept



Joshua Clayton Red Tourmaline


Richard Scott Notes on Meeting a Neolithic 11 Narrow-Jawed Skull (from a Cave in North Somerset) Sean Borodale From the Evolution of 12 Worms in Lead-Polluted Soil, digression to Safety Sean Borodale After Life 13 Gillian Dawson Ode to the Pruning Woman 13 Eaten by Vines Chris Campbell Supplementary Hunting 14 Perch Matt Howard The magnolia-rendered 15 old marshman’s cottage Matt Howard Uprising 16 Jenny Mitchell This is a story of dependence 17 Rachel Bower Sky Burial 17 John Barron The Edge of the Loch 18 Rachel Rankin



Paul atten Ash Look up! What’s Changing? 20 Lucie Richter-Mahr Ithell Colquhoun Ripoff 21 Scott McKendry Compost Heap 22 Alison Cohen Note on Passing 24 Leyla Çolpan A Woodland Burial 26 Suzanne Iuppa Tick 26 Linda France Mycelium Étude 1 27 Kerri Sonnenberg Mycelium Étude 2 28 Kerri Sonnenberg After the First Time 28 Audrey Molloy Witch Touch 29 Tamar Yoseloff The Men 30 Katrina Naomi Groundwater 30 Tolu Ogunlesi skotomorphogenesis 31 Katie Byford AuthenticationException 32 Stuart Rawlinson vocal earth 33 Julia Webb


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