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The great rewir ing,

p12 & p36

Stench of death, p32

Mother knows best, p46


3 Leading article 6 Portrait of the Week 7 Diary Why so much fuss over

The Spectator’s sale? George Osborne 8 The Spectator’s Notes

Why is Good Friday good? Charles Moore 13 Rod Liddle Family matters 17 Lionel Shriver Going electric requires electricity. Who knew? 21 Matthew Parris

Britain’s prisons shame us all 23 Barometer Triple lock costs, house affordability and women in clubs 27 Ancient and modern Club rules 28 Letters Bob Marley, Shakespeare and the genius of Johan Cruyff 29 Any other business

The West Midlands would be mad not to re-elect Mayor Street Martin Vander Weyer

10 Have mercy

Forgiveness has been forgotten Douglas Murray 11 Cross purposes

Grappling with anti-Semitism at Easter The Revd Michael Coren 12 Actress ’s notebook

The Online Safety Bill won’t go nearly far enough Sophie Winkleman 14 The Gray Lady

Keir Starmer’s chief of staff is an influential but divisive figure Katy Balls 16 War babies

Inside Ukraine’s fertility crisis Svitlana Morenets 18 Degrees of influence

Why the British think differently to Americans Yascha Mounk 22 White and wrong

Why do the French love UHT milk? Candida Crewe 24 Veni, vidi, non vici

Looking for romance at the British Museum Harry Mount 26 Living on a prayer

The secular tide is turning Justin Brierley


BOOKS 30 Lara Feigel

Rural Hours, by Harriet Baker 32 Kate Teltscher

Pathless Forest, by Chris Thorogood 33 Stephen Bayley

Power and Glory, by Alexander Larman 34 Tomoé Hill

Red Pyramid, by Vladimir Sorokin 35 Paul Levy

This is My Life I’m Talking About, by Danny Lyon 36 Simon Ings

The Anxious Generation, by Jonathan Haidt Tessa Dunlop

The Eastern Front, by Nick Lloyd 37 Hermione Eyre

The Rising Down, by Alexandra Harris

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