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Lait of the land, p22

ARTS 40 Digby Warde -Aldam

Why art biennales are (mostly) rubbish 42 Opera

Death in Venice; Macbeth Richard Bratby 43 Television

The Gentlemen; Josh Must Win James Delingpole 44 Dance

Danses Concertantes/Different Drummer/Requiem; Kidd Pivot Rupert Christiansen Exhibitions Frank Auerbach; Francis Picabia Laura Gascoigne 46 Cinema

Mothers’ Instinct Deborah Ross 47 Theatre

Faith Healer; Police Cops Lloyd Evans Radio & podcasts The Forum: Etiquette; Good Friday Meditation Daisy Dunn 48 Music

The death of a choir Ysenda Maxtone Graham

Royal standard, p33


LIFE 53 After life Damian Thompson 54 Real life Melissa Kite 55 The turf Robin Oakley

Bridge Susanna Gross 57 Wine club Jonathan Ray AND FINALLY . . . 50 Notes on… Caraway seeds

Ian Mathews 58 Chess Luke McShane

Competition Lucy Vickery 59 Crossword Pabulum 60 No sacred cows

Toby Young Battle for Britain Michael Heath 61 The Wiki Man

Rory Sutherland Your problems solved Mary Killen 62 Drink

Bruce Anderson Mind your language Dot Wordsworth

No kidding, p13

I am belatedly exercising every columnist’s sacred right to an opinion about membership of the Garrick Club. Charles Moore, p8

‘I often imagine — though I dare not write — a scene in which you come to me having swum a lake, in a tight and quite voluptuously wet shirt…’ Competition, p58

The Spectator has 30 minutes of unreleased footage of my quizzing the Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek about toilet design. Rory Sutherland, p61


Sophie Winkleman’s acting work includes Peep Show, Sanditon and Wonka. On p12 she writes about trying to ban smartphones for under-16s.

Yascha Mounk, who argues on p18 that America’s education system produces boring journalists, is the author of The Identity Trap.

the spectator | 30 march 2024 |

Lara Feigel, who explores the country lives of three female writers on p30, is the author of Free Woman: Life, Liberation and Doris Lessing.

Kate Teltscher is a writer and academic. She writes about the world’s biggest flower on p32.

Simon Ings, who writes about selfies on p36, is the author of Engineers of Human Souls: Four Writers Who Changed TwentiethCentury Minds.


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