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VIEW FROM THE END OF THE PLATFORMGOING STATESIDE Publisher: Steve Cole Editor: Phil Parker T: 07879 664 383

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There’s a definite American theme to this issue. Our lead layout is the amazing Fairplex Railroad, which is celebrating its centenary this year.

100 years of history means it can’t fail to be fascinating, and the article doesn’t disappoint. Started as an adjunct to a model boat display, it now occupies a vast permanent site. All this, along with a need to entertain the public properly, and professionally, even though it’s run by volunteers, requires a well-trained team. A long way from the haphazard way most of us operate our lines. There’s plenty of handson interaction too, just the job to encourage the next generation of garden railroaders.

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What a display. I’m sure more than one reader will be tempted to head to Los Angeles to make it part of their holiday, if you do, don’t forget to send us a photo! Sadly, the Editorial expenses budget won’t stretch quite that far...

Elsewhere, Peter Charles builds a wooden viaduct that wouldn’t look out of place in any scene from the Wild West, and it’s stunning. Finally, Nick Midgley takes a very American Bachmann ‘Big Hauler’ and makes it a lot more British. Well, several railway companies did go shopping in the States for their locos, so it’s perfectly prototypical! Phil Parker, Editor

One piece of Americana that didn’t quite make it into this issue is a review of Accucraft’s 13-ton Shay. It’s a lovely, compact locomotive. A bit smaller than the Bachmann G scale example I’ve posed next to it. Read all about it next month.

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6 The Fairplex Garden Railroad by Rick Bremer

32 Painting figures the easy way by Daniel Cousins

14 Building a DHR van by Mark Thatcher

18 The Octogenarian Railcar by Charles Carson

24 A Bridge Too Far by Peter Charles

28 Bodging a Big Hauler by Nick Midgley

36 A couple of oddities by Dave Skertchly


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