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in mind DOSSIERpsychologies

With you

Soul 86 Speakup Techniques to silenceself-doubtand help youtalkinpublicwithconfidence

90 Singfor your life! Let’sget together andfeelalright, says James Sill

92 Letgoand go slow Learn to trustinlife’slessons

94Apathtohealing andgrowth Salvethe soul in thegreat outdoors

97 Thewords This month’snon-fiction must-reads

98 Changefor thebetter TV presenter CherryHealeyon managingperimenopause

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Getout ofarut 42 Bringback thejoy Spot thesigns when life feels likeit’slostmomentum


offmundanity andthrustyou back into your stretchzone

473tools to climbout ofarut Positive psychologytechniques to breakthe monotony and help youfeelremotivated

50 Buildingyourrutprevention strategy Howtocultivateself-awareness to stop youfeeling stuckor disconnected in thefuture

488waystogive yourselfarut MOT Easy,everydayactions to shake

52 What will help you getunstuck? Take ourtesttofindout


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