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Fall guy, p29

‘I’m going to treat myself to Garrick membership’, p16


Shot in the dark, p32


BOOKS 21 Maggie Fergusson

Storm’s Edge, by Peter Marshall 23 Boyd Tonkin

The Sleepwalkers, by Scarlett Thomas 24 Lynn Barber

Every Living Thing, by Jason Roberts 25 Kate Chisholm

Writing on the Wall, by Madeleine Pelling 26 Alexandra Coghlan

Sound Tracks, by Graeme Lawson 27 Allan Mallinson

Normandy, by Nick Hewitt 28 Nick Cohen

Cuckooland, by Tom Burgis 29 Dylan Neri

Caledonian Road, by Andrew O’Hagan Rachel Seiffert The Voyageur, by Paul Carlucci ARTS 32 Laura Gascoigne on Caravaggio’s last painting 34 Theatre The Divine Mrs S; Underdog: The other other Brontë Lloyd Evans 35 Classical music OAE, Emelyanychev; Carmen; Duke Bluebeard’s Castle Richard Bratby 36 Radio & podcasts ABBA at the BBC; Finally! A show... Jenny McCartney Television Ripley Sam Kriss 38 Cinema Back to Black Deborah Ross 39 Contemporary music Keiji Haino; Terry Jennings; Chuquimamani-Condori Igor Toronyi-Lalic 40 The listener George Lloyd’s Symphonies Damian Thompson Pop

The Beauty of Falling, by Claudia de Rham Frances Wilson A Body Made of Glass, by Caroline Crampton 31 Emily Rhodes


Underworld Graeme Thomson 41 Australian Arts

Peter Craven

LIFE 43 City life Cosmo Landesman 44 Real life Melissa Kite

Bridge Susanna Gross 45 Aussie Life Simon Collins

Language Kel Richards AND FINALLY . . . 46 Chess Luke McShane

Competition Lucy Vickery 47 Crossword Doc 48 No sacred cows

Toby Young Battle for Britain Michael Heath 49 The Wiki Man

Rory Sutherland Your problems solved Mary Killen 50 Drink

Bruce Anderson Mind your language Dot Wordsworth 51 Debate over G-G not new

Judge them on performance David Flint

Jonathan Sumption, who writes this week’s Diary on p5, was a Justice of the Supreme Court between 2012 and 2018.

David Whitehouse, who on p18 writes about what’s next for the Voyager 1 spacecraft, is the author of Apollo 11: The Inside Story.

Maggie Fergusson is the biographer of George Mackay Brown and Michael Morpurgo. She writes about the Orkney Islands on p21.

Emily Rhodes reviews Caledonian Road by Andrew O’Hagan on p31. She is the editor of Park Notes, an anthology of writing about London parks.

Sam Kriss reviews Ripley on p36, Netflix’s adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr. Ripley. He is a writer and reviewer based in London.

the spectator australia | 13 april 2024 | iii

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