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CONTENTSMay 2024 • Volume 96 • Issue 5


42MOUNTAINGHOSTS Stuart Butler on the trail of the elusive snow leopard in the highlands of India’s Ladakh region

26 33

MAPPING EVEREST The amazing cartographic story of Mount Everest and its early pioneers, as told in a new RGS book

A QUICK WIN Targeting methane, the second most potent greenhouse gas, could buy us time while we get our act together to cut CO2 emissions


RUNNING OUT OF AID A vast influx of refugees to South Sudan from the war across its northern border is reaching crisis point


TEA BREAK Sharing the revenue from Rooibos tea is transforming the lives of South Africa’s indigenous Khosian people

DEPARTMENTS WORLDWATCH 6 The Thar Desert 8 Shipwrecks 10 Research round-up 12 Phenomena: Lenticular clouds 18 Geo-graphic: Earthquakes

WORLDVIEW 13 Geopolitical hotspot: Tim Marshall on NATO 14 Climatewatch: Technology vs politics 15 Perspective: African hospitals

REGULARS 62 Gallery: Florian Ledoux 66 Book reviews 71 Equipment matters 74 Discovering Britain 76 RGS-IBG Archive 78 In Society. RGS-IBG events 80 Where in the world? 81 Crossword 82 Passport: Francesca Herrera

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