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The extraordinary ‘Italian Chapel’ is the best-known Catholic site on Orkney 6


Liz Dodd ‘Thousands of young people are experiencing distress around their gender identity’ / 7

Sebastian Milbank ‘Dignitas Infinita has offended progressives and traditionalists’ / 9

REGULARS Word from the Cloisters 19 Puzzles 19 Letters 20 The Living Spirit 21

CONTENTS 20 APRIL 2024 // VOL. 278 NO. 9549


4 / The lost king of England It’s time for the ninth-century King Edmund the Martyr to be restored to his rightful place as the patron saint of England / BY MARGARET HEBBLETHWAITE

6 / Catholicism at the storm’s edge Despite eighteenth-century reports that there were no papists on Orkney, the fragile Catholic thread there has never quite been broken / BY PETER MARSHALL

8 / The bodies in question Archaeologists in Liverpool are making remarkable discoveries about the way

Catholics buried the dead two hundred years ago / BY ELENA CURTI

10 / Where the end of the world began Patmos looks a typical Greek island but it is where one of the strangest and most argued-over sacred books was written / BY NATALIE WATSON


12 / A working life that is open to the world The Vice Chancellor of Notre Dame University in Australia is rooted in the universality of the Catholic Church / BY FRANCIS CAMPBELL

14 / The never-ending battle A recent survey suggests that behaviour in schools has continued to decline since the Covid pandemic / BY CHRIS CHIVERS

16 / Gatekeepers of knowledge Critical thinkers and their publishers are more vital than ever in the preservation of the ethical, moral and faith dimension in public debate / BY PETER TYLER


28 / The Church in the World / News briefing 29 / Kirill proclaims invasion of Ukraine a ‘holy war’

31 / View from Rome 32 / News from Britain and Ireland / News briefing

33 / Major reform of the Irish Church


ARTS / PAGE 22 Exhibition Antony Gormley PETER STANFORD Radio Split Ends D.J. TAYLOR Theatre Player Kings MARK LAWSON Television Pompeii: The New Dig LUCY LETHBRIDGE


Rachel Mann Spring poetry Jonathan Keates Shylock’s Venice: The Remarkable History of Venice’s Jews and the Ghetto HARRY FREEDMAN John Quin A Man of Two Faces VIET THANH NGUYEN Marcus Tanner Battleground: Ten Conflicts that Explain the New Middle East CHRISTOPHER PHILLIPS Ariane Bankes The Spoiled Heart SUNJEEV SAHOTA

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20 APRIL 2024 | THE TABLET | 3

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