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President’s Letter President’s Letter

Hello everyone, I ’m a little speechless as I write this season’s letter to you all, but I will do my best to find some eloquent words because I have big news to share with you all!

will bring us funding opportunities, open doors that have been previously closed to Pagans and heightened respect for the whole Pagan community.

I’ve been in the President chair now for four years and when I first started, the primary instruction from our Council was to apply again for charitable status and my own goal for the presidency was to make the PF stable and sustainable for future generations. When I look back over those years, I can see that we have come so far from where we were. I can see that we’re in a much better position than we were back in 2020, and that we have worked hard at ensuring that we are functioning in a manner that is beneficial to our members, supportive for our volunteers and useful to the wider Pagan community in terms of our aims and objectives. All previous attempts at gaining charitable status have unfortunately failed but those attempts gave us a wealth of understanding and experience to forge forward with a new application which we finalised and placed in 2022.

It’s been a long two years with lots of back-and-forth conversations with the Charities Commission. We’ve attended meetings with case managers and charity lawyers, answered what feels like a million questions and filled in so many forms we’ve lost count how many there have been!

I can now finally, after all this time, tell you that we have been successful in our bid and that we have finally got that elusive charity number in our hands! There is some work to do in terms of establishing everything and I will be writing to you all personally in the next few weeks to give you more information on what that means and how we will be moving forward.

I find it highly appropriate that I bring this news to you at Beltane. It has been fifty-three years since our founder and the original team officially formed the beginnings of the Pagan Federation, and I know that M, Doreen and everyone else that was present in that first meeting will be looking on with pride for what we’ve achieved in continuing their legacy for generations to come.

I can’t celebrate this achievement without expressing gratitude to every amazing Pagan that has ever supported the PF and its mission. Without every single amazing one of you that has been a member, volunteered or supported us in any way, this would not have been possible. This isn’t just our achievement, it’s yours too. So, thank you for your faith in us and the work that we do. We couldn’t do it without you.

Through all of that, we’ve kept our eye on the main prize. That charitable status which

Blessed Beltane Sarah


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