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6 Introduction

11 Wagner in Africa James Pogue

41 Prairie Dogs

Benjamin Kunkel

57 Working the Soil and the Cloud Danny Franzreb, with an introduction by Atossa Araxia Abrahamian

163 Drone Wars for Mexico’s

Gold Mountains Anjan Sundaram

185 The True Depth of a Cave Rachel Kushner

191 Death by GPS Salvatore Vitale, with an introduction by Granta

211 Nettle Tea Camilla Grudova

91 Where the Language

Changes Bathsheba Demuth

107 The Extracted Earth

Thea Riofrancos, in conversation with the Editor

125 Monkey Army Eka Kurniawan,

tr. Annie Tucker

137 The Last Freeminers of England William Atkins,

with photography by Tereza Červeňová

221 The Accursed Mountains

Christian Lorentzen

231 As They Laid Down

Their Cables Laleh Khalili

249 The Darién Gap Carlos Fonseca,

tr. Jessica Sequeira

261 On Boredom Nuar Alsadir

270 Notes on contributors

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