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16 | cover story Vitrification target Clean-up operations at Hanford are set to move into a new phase in which waste will be vitrified.

Safety & Security

28 | special report A bruising encounter Bruising materials can be used to reveal very visible evidence of tampering with nuclear materials.

Cover image: Waste at the Hanford site is now a target for vitrification

News 7 Lead News Licence issued fuel fabrication at the ODEK pilot demonstration power complex. 7-12 Roundup

Opinion 14 Adapting tactics for nuclear For nuclear generation to deliver on its promise means a robust approach to resilience.

Nuclear medicine 22 Global healthcare and nuclear power Multiple initiatives are underway to boost the production of cobolt-60 for medical applications.

Comment 31 Albania’s nuclear dream What role can nuclear technology play as Albania looks to bolster energy security?

Power plant cooling 32 Focus on reliability for coolant pumps Recent improvements in RCIC emergency cooling pump technology are focused on reliability.

SMRs & Advanced reactors 36 Terrestrial deployment of the RITM-200N Exploring the RITM-200N, the terrestrial version of Rosatom’s marine reactor series.

Fusion 42 Forging fusion partnerships As fusion technology advances, eyes are turning from R&D and towards commercialisation.

Fuel & fuel cycle 46 HALEU UF6 and fuel fabrication Enriched UF6 is considered one of the main input materials for future fuel production plants.

Events 49 What’s on? A list of exhibitions, conferences, webinars and digital events.

Classified 50 Classified listings

Contacts 50 Contact us!



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