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CONTENTS Editorial 1

najwan darwish, three poems 6 Translated by kareem james abu-zeid from Arabic alya khaitlina, ‘War Poem 276’ 10 Translated by alexandra berlina from Russian ester naomi perquin, Four Poems from Unsolicited Advice 11 Translated by david colmer from Dutch sambhunath chattopadhyay, ‘Birds on a Banyan’ 17 Translated by kingshuk sarkar from Bengali josé kozer, ‘Fable 2’ 19 Translated by david pollard from Spanish olga ulturgasheva, Essay: ‘The Poetry of Bargachan’ 23

aswini kumar mishra, ‘The White Hawk’ 28 Translated by bibhu prasad padhi and minakshi padhi from Odia princess shikishi, two poems 31 Translated by seiji hakui from Classical Japanese fiona sze-lorrain 33 Interviewed by jenny he marija dejanovi ´c, ‘The Move’ 39 Translated by vesna maric from Croatian rabindranath tagore, ‘Beloved Radha, gaze upon Shyam who arrives’ 42 Translated by adrija ghosh from Bengali

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