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The Wire 484 June 2024



45 Reviews Index 46 Soundcheck New vinyl, CDs, downloads and streams, plus reissues and specialist columns, including: 47 Tony Conrad

& Jennifer Walshe Merry pranksters. By Abi Bliss 55 FUNK.BR: São Paulo Megacity music. By April Clare Welsh 69 Christer Bothén featuring Bolon Bata Climate of hunters. By Francis Gooding 72 Print Run New music books etc 76 On Screen New films and DVDs 77 On Location Recent live events and streams, including: 79 Assembly House of all.

By Chal Ravens 83 On Site Recent exhibitions and installations

4 Masthead 6 Letters 44 Charts The Office Ambience and other playlists 91 Out There Festivals and gig listings 96 Subscribe Print, digital, downloads and CDs

8 Unlimited Editions Ipecac 8 Unofficial Channels MusicRepublic & Moroccan

Tape Stash 10 The Inner Sleeve Kai Fagaschinski on

The Jimmy Giuffre 3 12 Global Ear A Song For You create a safe space for marginal voices in the German capital. By Caroline Whiteley 14 Kalia Vandever The New York trombonist sounds the horn for political resistance. By Abi Bliss 16 Antti Vauhkonen The Finnish player’s universal music runs from trance to Trane. By Francis Gooding

18 Marion Cousin Iberian folk song is an anticapitalist escape for the French singer. By Derek Walmsley 19 Normil Hawaiians The long awaited return of the roving ranters. By Louis Pattison 98 Epiphanies Tashi Wada changes his tuning with the help of Jean-Philippe Rameau

20 Invisible Jukebox Iceboy Violet Can the Manchester MC/producer keep their cool when faced with The Wire’s mystery record collection? Tested by Claire Biddles

28 Arnold Dreyblatt The Berlin based composer unwinds with the rich overtones of The Orchestra Of Excited Strings. By Peter Margasak 33 Dreyblatt on disc Peter Margasak selects choice recordings from the composer’s catalogue, from the early 1980s to the present day

38 The US noise rock survivors are hard as rails on long awaited new album To All Trains. By Emily Pothast

24 Robyn’s Rocket Trumpeter, mentor and activist Robyn Steward nurtures an anything goes ethos at her inclusive events. By Clive Bell

34 Zoh Amba The US saxophonist has forged friendships with Chris Corsano and Farida Amadou in the fire of free music. By Stewart Smith

Cover illustration by Savage Pencil

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