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i Leading article

Quantum of decline iv Brown study

World’s most incompetent minister Neil Brown v Tory voters on strike

Britain’s grim march Mark Higgie vi Quantum delusions

Maths shows hopes are fantasies Michael Collins vii Return of the MFP

And other such rubbish Judith Sloan viii Oppression, dispossession and massacres Welcome to classroom Victoria Bella d’Abrera ix Save the planet

Averting Lake Nyos Ian Plimer x Fatties for a Free Palestine

Useful idiots Rebecca Weisser xi Gay Rex

Collapse of our moral universe was predictable Lyle Shelton xii Asia’s new flashpoint

Attack on the Philippines? Kevin Andrews

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THE WEEK Plum role, p20

3 Leading article 4 Portrait of the Week 5 Diary Can we really trust our political leaders? Slavoj Zizek 6 Politics The battle of the pollsters

Katy Balls 7 The Spectator’s Notes

Labour’s insult to rural voters Charles Moore 13 Douglas Murray

We need to talk about Kevin 14 Barometer Left-wing heroes,

prison violence and biodiversity 15 Lionel Shriver

Why I hate hate speech laws 16 Ancient and modern

Sense of shame 19 Matthew Parris

Save us from this plastic plague 21 Letters Victorian childhoods,

Radio 3, and is Rishi the problem? 22 Any other business

We can stop cash reaching Russia but we can’t get our aircraft back Martin Vander Weyer

Electoral fraud, p48

8 Drama students

How universities raised a new generation of activists Yascha Mounk 10 Pitch battles

A dispatch from the student protests Angus Colwell 12 Wheels within deals

The Israeli-Hamas negotiations Anshel Pfeffer 14 Customer disservice

Why do people make excuses for surly staff? Mark Mason 16 ‘No to Russia!’

The streets of Tbilisi are heaving with anti-government protestors Svitlana Morenets 18 Friends like Xi’s

Can the Chinese leader keep his few European allies onside? Cindy Yu 20 Sex and the shires

Plum Sykes on why the Cotswolds scene is ‘soul-sapping and funny’ Freddy Gray

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